Refund Policy

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sertificate Refund Policy

Refund Policy was created to minimize the financial and legal risks of the Company, as well as to represent the guidelines of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing policy.

The Company has the right to block the access to the Client area in one's sole discretion, freeze trading activity of Accounts, decline the transfer or withdrawal request. The Company also has the right or make a refund, if the source of funds or the Client's actions violate the anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing policy.

The Company does not cancel the executed trading transactions; thus, the Company has the right to return the funds to the sender if there was no trading activity on trading accounts within one month from the date of funds deposit.

Under the specific inevitable causes, or, if necessary, the Company has the right to refund money credited via any payment system, including credit/debit cards. Besides, the refund will be made to electronic wallets and bank account details that the Client used when paying money. It should also be noted that the withdrawal of the total deposit amount is possible only into the same bank account details and the same payment system that was used to deposit the account.

The terms for funds withdrawal do not exceed two banking days from the date of sending the request for funds withdrawal. In some cases, money transfers may exceed the deadlines, depending on the payment system/issuing bank.

If the Company considers the actions of the Client to be inappropriate or contrary to the common purpose of using the services of the Company, when there is a direct, or indirect, illegal or dishonest intention, the Company has the right to act within this document without prior notice to the Client. All direct or indirect losses, expenses associated with the transfer of funds shall be overcompensated to the Company at the Client's cost.

When depositing a trading account with a credit card, the Client agrees not to submit a request for a refund to the bank, that has already been received to the trading account, or to the supplier of the credit/debit bank card, both during and after using the services of the Company. The Company will classify any such attempt as a violation of the Contract for the provision of services for which the Client may be held liable under the national legislation.

The Company will take all necessary measures to prevent and block both crediting and withdrawing funds from the Client's account by third parties. Only the account's owner has a right to deposit and withdraw funds from it.